Among the free email services we reviewed, Hushmail touts its security above all of its features. While we agree that Hushmail is a secure solution for email communications, the free side of the service lacks many of the features and functionality that make other web-based email clients so appealing, and just as secure as Hushmail.

Hushmail scans incoming email for viruses; additionally, the service is equipped with a spam filter. This is a good feature, and it's important that Hushmail includes it. However, virus scanners and spam filters are the most basic necessity of any email service. Had either been absent, or inadequate, the service would not have even earned consideration on our list of the best free email services.

This free email service also gives you the basic functionality to create black and white lists. This means that you have the ability to tell the service which senders you trust and which domains you do not wish to receive email from. Additionally, you have the ability to block domain names as well as individual email addresses. Again, this is commonplace for free email services.

Hushmail offers POP3 access. This means that you have the ability to access your email from a third-party service. For example, any smartphone (or other device) running the iOS or Android operating systems has the ability to access your Hushmail account through its email apps. Unfortunately, Hushmail doesn't have its own app in either the Apple App store or the Android Market place. However, you can point your browser to to access the service's mobile site.

Hushmail only includes a plain text message composer and does not have spell check. When we encountered this, we were absolutely baffled. A spell checker has become one of the most fundamental functions of any online service worth its salt. On the upside, most web browser's have this function built in, but that's no excuse to leave out a spell checker in what is essentially a word-processing service.

Hushmail Summary:

At the end of the day, Hushmail is a competent and functional free email service. However, there is nothing special about it. Despite the company's nonstop selling of its high security, we found this service no more or less secure than the other products on our side-by-side comparison chart.



This free email service has strong encryption, virus scanning and spam filters.

Hushmail only includes the bare minimums. The service touts itself as secure but neglects other essential features such as a spell checker.

The Verdict
: 5.73/10

There is nothing to keep you from using Hushmail; just don't be taken in by its claim that it is the most secure service. It's not.