is a free email service that provides a standard offering of features and tools. The service possesses an intuitive interface, which is arguably the easiest to use of all the email account services we reviewed. provides you with 5GB of email storage, which isn't the highest we've seen, but it's definitely enough to store your email for years to come. It also has a number of additional features such as games, eCards and screensaver downloads.

While's email functionality is solid, we feel that it could improve its standing among the best free email websites by integrating more web 2.0 features. Social media sites such as Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter allow apps to be developed for their platforms. If users had the ability to integrate into any of these sites, it would become infinitely more useful. offers five levels of spam protection, from No Spam Filter to Exclusive. With the Exclusive setting, only mail from senders on your White List will reach your inbox. Additionally, you can keep spam messages in the Spam folder or have them deleted immediately. You can also block HTML images and use a challenge/response spam-protection message.

With our spam setting on Middle, we found that most legitimate messages made it to our inbox. However, emails from many services we subscribed to were routed to the spam folder. When you first open an account, always double-check your spam folder. If spam happens to reach your inbox, you can easily report it to includes some of the best email organization features on the internet. You can create custom folders with specific filters and sorting options. You can sort incoming mail by various fields, including From, To, Subject, Body and Attachments.

We are disappointed that does not offer instant messaging or mobile access; however, you can download the toolbar to get alerts when you receive new mail. Summary:
6.5/10's custom sorting and intuitive interface makes this service great for experts and casual users; additionally, we found the spam protection to be stronger than many other major free email services, and we hope to see work on a phishing-protection program for the future.

Pros is possibly the most intuitive of all the free email we reviewed.

The service has no social media integration or chat functionality.

The Verdict:

If you're looking to keep email simple, consider